It’s Time Hear Better Balanced Sound

Technology At Its Best

A great pair or earphones are becoming a must have now days. We use them for so many things from working out to doing house hold chores. So why not buy the best quality for your money?

Premium Sound

Hear at earphones 4 ninjas we have all types and styles of earphones. Sound quality can really make a difference on how you enjoy your music. Our featured products will give you that crisp, top notch sound experience you have been looking for.

Don’t miss a beat

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Accessories for your IPOD or Tablet

While it’s great to have an IPOD, Tablet or PC to keep in touch with all that is going on in the world, you will need the necessary accessories to keep them going such as chargers, USB battery banks and travel kits.

Here at Earphones 4 Ninjas you can browse many accessory items that will help keep your electronics juiced up and ready to use at a moments notice.

Featured here are also a great variety of IPOD cases that help protect against damage from accidents or rough handling.  You’ll find sleek form fitting cases, and textures that help prevent slipping in your hand.  Convenient openings are designed for the ports making it easier to plug in a earphone or charger.

Take your time and look around for the best in accessories for your IPOD or tablet and get the most out your electronics.

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Welcome to Earphones 4 Ninjas

If your looking for a great assortment of earphones, you are definitely in the right place.  Earphones 4 Ninjas was made to bring a large variety of designs and manufacturers of the most current high quality earphones in the market.

These stylish and innovative ear buds will help make your browsing adventure an easy and fun experience.

Check us out whenever your looking for something for your listening pleasure, whether your looking for earphones, headphones or a nice set of speakers.


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How To Set Up Home Speakers

Having great quality speakers or a custom sound system really makes a difference when it comes to getting higher quality entertainment. The sound can feel much thicker and more rich if set up the right way. Here are some quick steps to set them up.

Placement. One of the best ways to set speakers up are to place them angling in a triangle pattern. With each side of the triangle the same distance. Also try to speakers and tweeters at ear level.

Wire.  Cut and measure enough speaker wire to connect speakers to the receiver. Using a wire stripper, strip the wire insulation off each end so about 1/2 inch of bare wire is sticking out.

Connect.  Making sure to match up positive to positive, and negative to negative. Connect the 1/2 inch of bare speaker wire to speakers.

Receiver.  Same thing as connecting the wire to the speaker, take the bare ends of the extended speaker wire and connect them to the receiver. Making sure to connect the left speaker to the left speaker terminal on the receiver. Same thing with the right. Also connect positive to positive and negative to negative.

The Best Part! Now that your speakers are connected turn on your sound system and get your rock on!

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Headphones for the best in sound and technology

Want the best sound?

Headphones are becoming a definite essential for everyday life. With all the growing technology and mobile devices we also need to have our privacy too.

What you want? We got it!

Here at earphones4ninjas we have the best and most effective headphones available. Whether you are in the market for supreme sound quality or just some comfortable noise cancelling headphones, you can find them right here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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