Find The Right MP3 Player Today

Keep All Your Music In One Place

Having your music collection all in one place is easy with a handy MP3 player. Building a music collection can be fun and entertaining, but can also be frustrating when you want to hear that one perfect song.

On The Go

Now it can be as easy as syncing and taking that morning run. They are small and compact making hours of music listening easy every where you go.

Bust A Move Anywhere

Now your activities can have their own sound tracks with a great MP3 player.

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Experience Great Sound!

Are you tired of not hearing the full range of sound in your headphones?  Do you find that you are trading comfort for acoustic quality.  If so check out the great variety of headphones here.

The different brands we showcase boast sleek designs and adjustable headbands to give you space saving portability.  Tonal quality if refined so that you can experience lower and upper tone levels as well as the middle range.

High fidelity headphones make your listening experience something special and can be found here at Earphones 4 Ninjas.

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It’s Time Hear Better Balanced Sound

Technology At Its Best

A great pair or earphones are becoming a must have now days. We use them for so many things from working out to doing house hold chores. So why not buy the best quality for your money?

Premium Sound

Hear at earphones 4 ninjas we have all types and styles of earphones. Sound quality can really make a difference on how you enjoy your music. Our featured products will give you that crisp, top notch sound experience you have been looking for.

Don’t miss a beat

Thank you for stopping by, we hope to see you again for all your earphone needs.




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Cool Facts About Sound Waves


Every time you put on your earphones or just listening to the world around you, you are hearing sound waves. Ever think what are they? How do they work? Here are some cool facts about sound waves that I found.

  • A human ear never takes a time out. We humans hear twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Even when we are sleeping.


  • Sound travels so fast. It travels at 1130 feet per second (that’s fast)


  • When a baby is born it can hear sounds as low as twenty hertz and as high as 20,000 hertz.


  • Sound is just air being vibrated at different frequencies.


  • Sound travels more quickly through solids and liquids then then air because solids and liquids are more condensed.


  • In warm air sound travels faster then in cold air.


  • Sound waves are air being stretched and squeezed apart and together.


  • A dog can hear as much as ten times more then a human can hear.


  • Sound is three denominational and spherical, it travels just as equally as strong from the starting point in all directions.


  • Humans hear sound through three different parts of the ear. Outer ear, Middle ear, and Inner ear.

So next time you turn on your speakers know there is so much involved with hearing your music.

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Welcome to Earphones 4 Ninjas

If your looking for a great assortment of earphones, you are definitely in the right place.  Earphones 4 Ninjas was made to bring a large variety of designs and manufacturers of the most current high quality earphones in the market.

These stylish and innovative ear buds will help make your browsing adventure an easy and fun experience.

Check us out whenever your looking for something for your listening pleasure, whether your looking for earphones, headphones or a nice set of speakers.


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